VN News Roundup #3

Witch boy Magical piece

The Tokyo Game Show (TGS) took place last week, which also means more announcements and news! Announced during TGS was the BL visual novel Witch boy Magical piece Kickstarter which was developed by Rosemary House and localised by Sekai Project as we reported before. The Kickstarter is for a PC port of the mobile game. It’s also currently on Steam Greenlight. Winged Cloud’s latest instalment of the Sakura series, Sakura Beach 2 is also on Greenlight. Degica’s Muv-Luv Kickstarter is scheduled to start on 24th September at 12pm PDT. You can view the Prefundia which outlines the plans here.

Another announcement was that Love in Space’s current project, Sunrider: Liberation Day will be voiced in Japanese and will be released in English and Japanese simultaneously.

Hato Moa’s (Hatoful Boyfriend) crime drama visual novel BLACK HOLMES now has an English website and there is interest in making an English version of the game ‘someday’.

Aiueo Kompany has uploaded the Sound of Drop opening and the demo can be played here.

World End Economica is now on the Humble Bundle store, with both ep.1 and ep.2 on there.

ebi-hime has written an extra scene for Asphyxia which takes place before the visual novel. Her yuri game jam project also has a thread on Lemma Soft which outlines more details, SillySelly will be returning from Asphyxia to do the art and GUI.

The common route demo of Lucid9 by Fallen Snow Studios is scheduled for January 2016.

Sebastien Skaf (Katawa Shoujo) has released a track which he has worked on for the upcoming visual novel No One But You. The fault series’ soundtrack cover has been uploaded and will be released ‘very soon’ digitally online and there are plans for the physical version to be released probably at the next Comiket in December. In the meantime, you can listen to some of the tracks on SoundCloud. The physical copies of Resette’s Prescription soundtrack and artbook are available to order online, and they also ship internationally.

The UK El Psy Kongroo version of STEINS;GATE has been restocked for PS Vita and PS3 on Rice Digital.

MangaGamer has posted their monthly updates, notable news includes Kara no Shojo – The Second Episode is up for preorder and is slated for a Halloween release. Both Higurashi Watanagashi and euphoria will be in scripting soon. Editing for Himawari has been completed, and MYTH will be ported to Ren’py.

Since this roundup covers TGS, we’d also like to share what we’re looking forward to from it. Overall we’re glad that Koei Tecmo has licensed Yoru no Nai Kuni on PS4 for NA and EU, but unfortunately there are no plans to localise Ciel no Surge. Another game that we’re anticipating is the first game from Project N.U. series, New World by CyberConnect2. Also the STEINS;GATE 0 opening has been released. Rounding up, there were also a few game anime adaptation announcements such as Granblue Fantasy and Ace Attorney.


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