VN News Roundup #5

Love Language

Alienworks has posted the cover for The Human Reignition Project. Physical copies of Muv-Luv will be DRM free, and the Kickstarter’s second stretch goal for ports to Android and Vita has been reached. A digital Vita tier has also been added.

Alice in Dissonance’s Patreon has reached $2,000 per month and they will create a bilingual version of their website. They have also released volume 1 of the fault series’ original soundtrack on Steam which is available for free for those who backed $50+ on their Kickstarter. Winged Cloud has posted another fanart of fault by Wanaca.

Sunrider Academy is currently 50% off on Steam until the 12th of October. Chapter 2 of the novel Sunrider: VENICZAR is out to Patrons. Extra Kickstarter rewards for Witch boy Magical piece has been added which includes a physical art book and settings guide book, and using backer’s voices as Creature’s voices for the game. Sample images for the books can be seen here.

Nekopara vol.2 is currently in development and will feature Coconut and Azuki; Vanilla and Chocola will also make an appearance.

There has been an update regarding the progress of Sekai Project’s PS Vita ports and the challenges which have been faced. Another update outlines the current situation of the physical version of The Fruit of Grisaia along with goods. The translation for The Labyrinth of Grisaia is estimated to be completed in November, as there is more work after that there’s no firm release date just yet.

As for World End Economica (WEE), episode.03 is currently 7.39% translated and a new translator will be joining to help get the game out sooner. The ports for WEE will be done in Unity rather than Ren’py, and the translation and editing will be given another check during the porting process..

A translated version of a blog post about location hunting for Memory’s Dogma has been posted onto the Kickstarter.

Fallen Snow Studios has posted speedpaint videos of Airi and background art from Lucid9.

The Steam store page for G-senjou no Maou – The Devil on G-String is up! It is currently scheduled for Q4.

Lupiesoft’s adult visual novel The Menagerie is now available from the MangaGamer website. The short semi-prequel for MYTH, Aguni, has been translated and MYTH has had 44% translated overall. The first of Kara no Shojo 2’s short stories and the Past Era characters have been posted on the site. The website for FLOWERS has also been updated with characters.

onomatope*’s Libra of the Vampire Princess has been Greenlit on Steam and MiKandi Japan have confirmed that there will be an uncut version.

Zeiva Inc. has released Other Age Second Encounter on Steam which now comes with difficulty settings compared to the previous version.

Last of all, Papurika has started a Greenlight campaign for the visual novel and learning game Love Language Japanese Year 1 Gentlemen Edition. They will be running a Kickstarter soon to implement more features such as voice overs, more characters and mini games.


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