Happy 1st Anniversary Terra Battle!


Yesterday marked the first anniversary of the popular mobile game Terra Battle which was developed by Mistwalker. I’ve been playing the Terra Battle around the time it was first released back in October 2014. What I enjoyed was the wonderful music composed from famous composers such as Shimomura Yoko, Uematsu Nobuo and many more, and also the art. Another unique feature was that it was story focused, with currently 33 chapters there’s plenty of stages to read and play through. The gameplay has a strategic element to it as you manoeuvre your characters to attack enemies by aligning them into various formations, and it’s a rock-paper-scissors type system.

It’s interesting to see how much the game has grown during a single year with the downloads at over 2.3 million thanks to the expansions in other regions such as Hong Kong and Taiwan. The number of downloads unlocks new content which includes new music, features like the co-op battle mode and physical goods. There’s always new quests which means that you’ll rarely get bored after completed the available story, and rare characters are possible to obtain even without spending money.

If you haven’t played Terra Battle before, now’s a good time to join with the Kuscah Special Event, a VS event, the Mobius Final Fantasy Collaboration Event, and free Energy as part of the 1st anniversary celebrations.

Overall it’s been great being part of the Terra Battle community with all these events going on and new features being added. Along with being able to play it with friends and talk about it with other people, I’ve enjoyed playing Terra Battle and hope that you do too. Happy 1st anniversary, Terra Battle!


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