World End Economica ep.2 Review

WEE ep.2 Title Screen

World End Economica is a trilogy of visual novels by Spicy Tails, a doujin group which features the author Hasekura Isuna who has also written the popular light novel series Spice & Wolf.

World End Economica ep.2 happens four years after the events of ep.1. It features Yoshiharu “Haru” Kawaura, whose dream of exploring the unexplored world was shattered four years ago. With the support of those around him, he was able to regain footing in the world as a government worker. However, one day he meets an ambitious lady Eleanor Schultes Schweitzer who wants to revive her grandfather’s investment company.


As seen in World End Economica ep.1, the game is heavily populated with economic jargon but it explains to the user through examples and there’s less of a learning curve in ep.2 compared to ep.1. There has been more of a focus on the characters and their relationships with each other, learning from the mistakes made in ep.1. As part of a trilogy, it transitions from ep.1 smoothly and provides a lead in to ep.3. The play time is noticeably shorter at around six hours.

The game is unvoiced and presents no choices. The soundtrack consists of mainly classical tracks including a Beethoven piece, with Kishida Kyoudan & THE Akeboshi Rockets returning for the opening and PF AUDIO for the ending. After completion, there are the usual extras which consists of a CG gallery and music room to listen back on the tracks used in-game.

Overall World End Economica ep.2 is a great addition to the series as it introduces new characters along with a new arc and focuses on character development with the main characters from ep.1. It can be purchased from Steam for $12.99/ £9.99. WEE ep.3 is currently being worked on by Sekai Project, at currently 7.39% of the translation completed.


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