fault milestone two side:above Review

Title Screen

In this exciting adventure, the heroines Selphine, Ritona and their new companion Rune return for fault milestone two side:above. A bit of background knowledge: fault milestone two has been split into two parts; above and below due to the length. The prequel, Silence the Pedant will be released before below.

milestone two is set in a port country of Viscanta with Port Sasary as its city, this is where the heroines meet a guide named Sol who approaches and offers to help out them for a price. They also find out that there’s a another city named Neo Sasary which is located underwater, but for some reason everyone there seems to treat Sol differently. As the story progresses, they dig deeper into his story and the hidden story of Neo Sasary.

It is highly recommended that milestone one is read before above as there’s a recap at the very beginning of the game, which is good to refresh the reader’s memory. For those who have played the demo, the full game has additional content so it’s best not to skip over the first few chapters. above by itself contains a complete story by itself but still contains a few open leads for below. As seen in milestone one, it focuses on how the heroines’ actions impact the characters in the milestone rather than purely on their background. It was nice to see that some of the new characters are related to the main characters in some way, and another journey happening parallel to this one.

Neo Sasary

A major change seen in milestone two is the introduction of the 3D camera feature which is used a lot throughout the game, an example is during monologues or a fast-paced action scene. The quality of music, art and story remains high. New tracks have been written for milestone two such as The Regal Ninth and Neo Sasary, these can also be found in the first volume of the fault Series soundtracks.

The game has the usual bonus features which includes art and audio galleries, and the ability to change title screen pictures after completing the game once.

Overall, fault milestone two side:above is a great addition to the fault series and is a must-play for fans of milestone one due to the story, beautiful art and music and also the introduction of the 3D camera feature.


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