Ame no Marginal -Rain Marginal- Review


Ame no Marginal -Rain Marginal- is a kinetic novel which was recently localised by Sekai Project, and created by Stage-Nana with Tomo Kataoka (Narcissu) as the author. It was originally released in Japan at Comiket 87 and is set in the same universe as the light novel series Mizu no Marginal.

In Ame no Marginal, the overall feeling was quite a relatable one. You as the main protagonist are a character who feels devoid and irrelevant in the world, neither wanting to live or wanting to die. The protagonist is surprised to see an 8th floor button on the elevator en route to work in a 7-floor building, this leads him into another world and there he meets an energetic young lady named Rin.

My initial impressions were very good. The game starts as an introduction which branches off into two halves. Each half represents the perspective of each character (the protagonist and Rin) in which reading both halves unlock access to the next segment. Although each half represents a different timeline, they’re both chronological, meaning you read both halves before proceeding to the next segment and eventually lead to an intertwined point. For example, you can only proceed to Rainy World and Lady after reading both the Elevator and Rin segments.


The game setting provides supernatural elements, such as a world that progresses without a distinct set of time. The depth this game provides is as strong as one from a movie and is quite thought provoking. The art is sufficient, and the music composition flows excellently with the narrative as it was really soothing, giving an otherworldly feeling for the game.

Ame no Marginal is quite reminiscent of Narcissu due to the cinematic style, CG, music and overall pacing of the story. Every scene has a purpose and every image presented stays focused on a main theme that stays consistent throughout. Story-wise, the resemblance is that there is also a tale passed down by the characters and the general feeling of helplessness. Narcissu is unlocked upon completing the game and for those who have played Narcissu before, there is a bonus episode.

I felt that Ame no Marginal was more of a story which tells people to persevere and not give up no matter the situation, so I would recommend this game for those looking for a strong short story. It is currently available on Steam for $12.99/ £9.99.


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