Strawberry Vinegar Steam Release

Strawberry Vinegar

Ebi-hime (The Way We All Go, Asphyxia) and Sekai Project has released the yuri visual novel Strawberry Vinegar on Steam. It tells the story of a cynical and grumpy 9-year-old girl Rie who is visited by a gluttonous demon Licia. If she isn’t fed, she’d reap Rie’s soul! Or in short, Strawberry Vinegar is about ‘cute girls eating cute food cutely’!

Strawberry Vinegar is currently 15% off until 12th January and can be found here. The soundtrack can be bought on the same page or on Bandcamp.

Ebi-hime has also made available The Sad Story of Emmeline Burns on Steam which can be downloaded for free. This was a Yuri Game Jam submission, the Steam version has been ‘slightly rewritten’ includes an extra scene along with other minor edits. Worth checking out if you’re a yuri fan!


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