1bitHeart Review

Title Screen

As well as visual novels I also enjoy playing RPGs which is why I will be writing up my thoughts on miwashiba’s (creator of Alice mare and LiEat) 1bitHeart.

1bitHeart is a game made in Wolf RPG Editor and is divided into four chapters, all of them centered around a shut-in named Nanashi who discovers a girl Misane sleeping on top of his bed. He finds out that Misane has amnesia and they go outside in order to help her regain her memories and help him make friends.

Talking Time

At the start of the game the player is asked whether they want extra hints because it has elements of logical deduction. The general format is that it is a side scrolling game, so you can control Nanashi by using the usual movement keys and also interact with other characters. There are sections of the game where Nanashi engages in Talking Time which uses a similar system to Phoenix Wright. The characters collect information as part of the game and they have to use what they’ve learned to interact and present to another person. If the player presents information at the wrong time or completely unnecessary topics then the mental strength indicated depletes. Once that reaches 0 then it’s Game Over. Between each chapter there is Free Time where you can build up relationships with other characters by giving them gifts using money earned by playing games like Tetris on Nanashi’s PC.


1bitHeart is only voiced during important events such as once you’ve maxed friend points with a character or on the title screen. The music spans various genres but are generally upbeat or laidback; some of my favourite tracks are Sweet Beach and Bus Stop.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed playing 1bitHeart. It was nice seeing how Nanashi’s growth throughout the game and the story going more in-depth with every chapter. Another thing that stood out for me was the art style as seen in the various backgrounds through different areas in the town, and the unique character designs.

1bitHeart is free to download and play in English from vgperson‘s website.

Miwashiba announced that the spinoff 1beatHeart is being worked on so I’m definitely looking forward to playing that once it comes out!



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