No One But You Release

No One But You

No One But You is a romance-centric visual novel by Unwonted Studios which has been released on Steam, MangaGamer and Humble Store. It previously had a Kickstarter campaign which raised $18,012 of its $1,300 goal, reaching all of the stretch goals which included additional CGs, a part two to No One But You and even a manga adaptation.

Hideaki moves from a small village back to his childhood town of Okutama, he makes friends but as he settles in, his past comes back to haunt him and his new friends all also have secrets of their own.

No One But You features five romanceable characters with multiple secret routes which are determined by the player’s choices. There are also Steam achievements and trading cards available, along with Steam Cloud support.

The game is currently on sale on both Steam and the MangaGamer website. Purchasing from MangaGamer and Humble Store provides a DRM-free version of the game as well as a free Steam key. The OST is available to purchase on Bandcamp.


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