Sakura Swim Club Review

Mieko Backstroke

Greetings from Neko’s Shiritori. Today we present a review of the game Sakura Swim Club by Winged Cloud.

The protagonist is Kaede, a boy with a prestigious father who is both charismatic and talented. He had been struggling in school with his parental success weighing him down. He also lacks particular interest in anything knowing full well that he is just letting the days drag. His teacher suggests to try out a club, but hesitates when he mentioned swimming since it has an infamous reputation among the students. Naturally this ends up peaking Kaede’s interest more. Kaede runs into Mieko and Hiromi who ask him to join the school’s swimming club. It is then that he realizes the bad rumours of the club aren’t fact, so Kaede joins the club and slowly learns more about the two girls and their situations.

Sakura Swim Club is very similar to other Sakura games. Despite all the fanservice thrown in CG form, there’s always a human emotion aspect that’s relatable. This game has an ongoing theme that it’s better to be yourself deciding what you want to do instead of having the path of life decided for you ahead of time against your choosing.

Sakura Swim Club, like Sakura Angels, got a free voice patch after release. The voices fit the characters well and amplify the reading experience quite a bit.

We would recommend this game as the length is short and straightforward. Sakura Swim Club is available on Steam with the adult version on Denpasoft and MangaGamer.


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