SacAnime Winter 2016


SacAnime Winter 2016 was the con that propelled us into the start of 2016 with attendees eager to dance, sing, cheer, discover rare treasures in the dealer hall, and most importantly cosplayers! The force is strong in this community at least because the 501 Legion was around, and we had a slew of big name guests such as Chris Sarandon, Ken Page, Crispin Freeman, and Todd Haberkorn just to name a few.

If you are a Borderlands fan then this SacAnime was for you as fans flocked all over to have a chance to meet some of most popular voice actors for Borderlands. Ashly Burch was one of the most popular to appear as she voiced Tiny Tina from Borderlands 2, along with Dameon Clarke, David Eddings, Adam May, and Cherami Leigh.

There were a few changes made to the convention such as the autograph section being centered inside the vendor room, and the game room being moved into a singular large room but still keeping a few rooms upstairs for tournaments and Smash Bros. Melee.


On the last day the atmosphere was quite hyped up as the major games were coming to a close, this made the convention flow a bit smoother and more convenient overall.

A few intriguing events like the fashion show and the karaoke contest gave extra flavor to the convention for those who came early. But for those who came in the evening, there were other events to choose from such as the various fun panels, some of which featured the guests of honor. It is always nice to be close to the hotel during late nights at conventions especially since there was a giant dance party during the late hours of SacAnime, those that love to dance or just loud music definitely would enjoy DJ Kitsch as she took you off your feet and made you dance until you couldn’t dance anymore!

Overall the experience was pleasant as usual since the community of SacAnime is pretty friendly and there was never really a dull moment. The convention staff is keeping it strong even after all the changes, but steadily keeping up with improvements each convention. If you can’t get enough of conventions then SacAnime might be worth checking out twice a year if you are close enough.


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