Rabi-Ribi Steam Release


The bunny ‘Metroidvania’ style game from CreSpirit and Sekai Project has been released on Steam!

A rabbit Erina’s life is suddenly turned around after she turns into a human and finds herself in an unfamiliar world. She comes across a fairy named Ribbon, and together they explore the world to find Erina’s master and return her life to normalcy. In the game Erina specialises in close-combat while Ribbon supports her with buffs. As the game progresses, their relationship grows and both learn new skills and attacks obtained from items and equipment.

Rabi-Ribi is available on Steam with a 10% discount until 4th February. There is also the UPRPRC (Usagi Peropero Club) edition which contains the game and OST, plus the digital artbook once it has been finished.


Also with the Root Double Kickstarter campaign ending in only four days time, there’s no time to spare if you intend to back it!

Lupiesoft’s latest yuri sci-fi visual novel, The Stargazers, is currently on Steam Greenlight. It tells the story of three girls in space who carry out various missions and build on their relationships. You can play as one of the three main characters and switch perspectives during various points in the story.

Lastly, Quantum Suicide is back on Kickstarter after not reaching its funding goal back in December. The protagonist is a researcher on a spaceship with the task of finding humanity a new home, but a corrupted A.I. forces the crew into a weekly ‘Deletion Game’ where they must battle each other to survive.


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