Anime Boston & Sakura-Con 2016 Sekai Project Announcements



Maitetsu is Lose’s latest title which is set in an alternate reality where trains are paired up with humanoid modules called Railords. However they have been discontinued as a new form of transport becomes popular. The protagonist Sotetsu was a victim of an accident during this era and by chance awakens the Railord Hachiroku, together they set out to find the missing 8620 locomotive and try to save his hometown.


Companion is a visual novel by the Taiwanese company Narrator. The Earth’s population continued to increase which resulted in the Companion Star Project, where a small planet was relocated to orbit around the Earth for pioneers to terraform and emigrate to. After a series of wars and plagues, the people on Earth lost control of the companion star which will inevitably bring destruction. A man who knows about the end decides to live lavishly until his life is changed by a single girl who stepped under his umbrella.

Still I Miss Her

Still, I Miss Her
Still, I Miss Her is a visual novel from Applemint which is currently out in Korean for iOS and Android devices, and also has been Greenlit on Steam. The antagonist Jin-Tae has been seducing your lover along with other girls using an illegal drug, but with the help of a mysterious girl you may be able to bring Jin-Tae to justice and get your lover back.

Sakura Spirit

Sakura Spirit: The Manga
Based on the Sakura Spirit visual novel by Winged Cloud, the manga adaptation will feature art by Suzunone Rena and will be serialised in the Dengeki Hime magazine. It will see a simultaneous release in the US.

Anime Boston


A Clockwork Ley-Line: The Borderline of Dusk
A Clockwork Ley-Line is a visual novel trilogy which was developed by Blossom Unisonshift. Set in an isolated boarding school with a clock tower deep in the mountains, the protagonist is a first year student who accidentally breaks an expensive-looking statue on his first day. Along with the other boy who caused the incident, the principal orders them to work for the school’s ‘Bureau for the Investigation of Special Affairs’. There they learn that magic exists and once the clock chimes, the ‘Realm of Night’ appears and together they try to protect the school from magical items known as ‘Mists’.

Just Deserts

Just Deserts
Just Deserts is a sci-fi action dating sim by the Indonesian company Vifth Floor which has also been Greenlit on Steam. The protagonist is a soldier who is assigned to protect Aquarine City from an alien attack while working with five girls with different areas of expertise. Playing as the protagonist, you can have a lover and build your relationship while training your skills as the aliens can attack at any time!

Monstrous Lovers

Monstrous Lovers
Last but not least is Monstrous Lovers, a horror BL game by Man-Eater Games which is on Indiegogo. The protagonist Christopher Wells is a young government employee with a job to ensure the peaceful coexistance of humans and monsters. Unsatisfied with his position, he requests a transfer to Saint George which is the city with the highest monster population. However Christopher finds that the Saint George office isn’t quite what he expected.

In other news, the GATE manga is now available to preorder for North America. Preordering both vol.1 and 2 will give you a discount along with a free double-sided poster and a gift while supplies last.

Also the Japanese learning game Kanji no Owari has been updated with a Reading Mode added.


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