Anime Central Announcements


We had quite a few announcements at Anime Central. Starting with Sekai Project are their new titles 2236 A.D by Chloro. and Magical x Spiral by Broken Desk.

2236 A.D. is set in 2231 where the skill of telepathy has emerged. The protagonist Yotsuba notices a shut in girl who doesn’t use her abilities and a screwdriver which came from an abandoned mansion. Why doesn’t the girl use telepathy and what lies in the mansion? You can find out in 2236 A.D. which will have an all-ages version on Steam and adult version on Denpasoft. In Magical x Spiral, Medianne Phirta discovers the existence of a magical world named Celestria after extensive research. Players can battle monsters and summon spirit allies in this magic-based action game.

Fata Morgana

MangaGamer had a lot of physical editions announced for their games including Kindred Spirits on the Roof, they also made available preorders for the second Kindred Spirits drama CD, Higurashi Tatarigoshi and the question arc of Umineko. In addition MangaGamer have acquired the license to The House in Fata Morgana, A Requiem for Innocence.

In other news, Sekai Project announced their mascot Sena Aozora! Sadly VisualArt’s has posted that the release of Harmonia has been delayed again but they’re trying to release it by the end of the year. There are also crowdfunding campaigns such as Undead Darlings, Ne no Kami and Caramel Mokaccino. The IndieGogo campaign for Corona Blossom by Frontwing will be up tomorrow. For recent visual novels on sale there is The Leisure of Grisaia, A Little Lily Princess, Hatoful Boyfriend on iOS, the [RE]turn Story Expansion to Sunrider Liberation Day, and finally STEINS;GATE 0 has been announced and made available to preorder for PS4 and Vita.


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