Sekai Project E3 Announcements and More

Limited Run

Sekai Project announced at E3 that they will be collaborating with Mighty Rabbit Studios and their subsidiary Limited Run Games to port games over to PS4 and Vita both digitally and physically. Physical copies will be available as limited collectors editions. The first two games announced from the partnership are fault milestone one and Rabi-Ribi, the console version will feature new music and additional content. You can find out more on the PlayStation Blog.

Ne no Kami

In addition, stretch goals have been announced for the yuri title Ne no Kami’s Indiegogo campaign. After the occurrence of a large earthquake in Kyoto, supernatural happenings became common across Japan but gradually the people became disinterested and stopped believing in the supernatural. The protagonist Ren is suddenly reunited with her childhood friend Shinonome, and together they uncover the truth of the world.


In other news, 773’s Cherry Tree High Girls’ Fight is now on Steam! It features a turn-based card battle system where you can train a team of girls in a fighting tournament. You can unlock over 15 different characters with various routes, and show off using online leaderboards.

Highway Blossoms

Alienworks’ Highway Blossoms has also been released on Steam with a 15% discount for the first week. Highway Blossoms is a short yuri visual novel set in the American Southwest where people are after a gold miner’s treasure trove. The disinterested Amber is mourning the loss of her grandfather when she comes across a young hitchhiker named Marina, and they get swept away in the gold rush


The demo for calme’s KARAKARA is out. The ‘Age of Dusk’ is a period where the human race is dwindling and hybrid species known as the ‘Others’ are thriving. KARAKARA tells the story of the everyday life inside a small diner run by two people in the barren lands. One day they discover a young girl with pink hair lying on an abandoned suitcase on their way home from deliveries.


Higurashi When They Cry Ch.3 – Tatarigoroshi has been released due to MangaGamer finishing testing early, it is available on the MangaGamer site as well as Steam. The 3rd installment to Kindred Spirits on the Roof’s drama CDs is out also on MangaGamer and Steam. Muv-Luv is now up for preorder on Steam, bonuses include a 10% discount and an exclusive wallpaper pack.


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