Recent Fruitbat Factory Announcements

Fruitbat Factory recently announced two visual novel acquisitions, Muzintou’s Miniature Garden and ENIGMA: by Uzumeya.

 Miniature Garden

Miniature Garden is a mystery visual novel set in the titular school located in the woods. There is a festival that takes place every three years and an unnatural death is said to befall someone on the night on the festival. The protagonist Yusunari along with four other students find themselves trapped in school on that very night.

The game features over 100 CGs with Korie Riko’s art and is available in HD. It is also fully voiced by leading voice actors such as Hidaka Rina (Ririchiyo from Inu x Boku SS), Numakura Manami (Hibiki from Idolm@ster) and Tokui Sora (Nico from Love Live!). More information can be found here.


ENIGMA: is another mystery visual novel where people worldwide have been infected with the mysterious disease, “The Enigma.” Afflicted with this disease, Chester finds himself washed up on an isolated island named Carlyle where the inhabitants are oblivious to the epidemic. There is a white forest in the middle of the island called Enigma which has been told to devour people.

ENIGMA: will be coming to Steam this Winter.


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