Moekuri Kickstarter Launched!


The crowdfunding campaign for the SRPG Moekuri is up on Kickstarter thanks to Culture Select. Moekuri is a doujin game created by MokyuSoft which features the heroine Iruse Strenz, one of many Masters with the ability to summon and harness various Creatures’ abilities. After the mysterious disappearance of her mother, she has been protecting her village until one day when a strange phenomenon happens which threatens what she holds dear.

The game itself has over 140 different characters each with their own traits, and the battles are fully voiced. It also has a visual novel style story spread over 25 stages along with special hard mode stages after completing the base story. Moekuri also features art from many doujin artists including Koi, the artist of Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?

The Kickstarter is looking to raise $6,500 with a stretch goal of $9,000 which will open two perks, including a physical copy of Moekuri. You can find out more information on the campaign page, and below features a short gameplay video from Culture Select.


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