ChronoClock Kickstarter


A Kickstarter campaign for Purple Software’s ChronoClock has been launched by Sekai Project! The purpose of this is to for backers to be able to purchase limited edition goods and own a collector’s edition of the game, this is scheduled for a January 2017 release. The campaign reached its goal in only 6 hours and is currently 200% funded.

The protagonist Rei Sawatari has a pocket watch inherited from his grandfather which allows him to travel back in time five minutes, and he can use it as many times as he likes. However one day a girl falls from the roof and splatters on the ground. It turns out that the girl (Suzuki Miu) was confessing to Rei’s best friend and Rei had walked in at the worst possible moment. He decides to help her as well as confess his feelings to one of the other heroines.

ChronoClock will be available on Steam and there will be a Denpasoft version which is to be distributed by Nutaku. Backers pledging for the physical version on the game will receive both Steam and Nutaku download.

More information about the ChronoClock Kickstarter can be found here.


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