Trillion: God of Destruction is now on Steam!


Trillion: God of Destruction has been released on STEAM by Idea Factory International! Originally launched on the Playstation Vita earlier in Spring 2016, PC users can now venture into the game!

In this game you are a demon overlord named Zeabolos who was defeated by a demon God of Destruction boss with 1 trillion HP. You then get revived by a necromancer named Faust where you gain the opportunity to command one of your overlord candidates who are named after the Seven Deadly Sins to power up in preparation for the final battle. Trillion features a combination of a turn and day-based system along with dungeon crawling elements, where you can carefully plan your strategy and training to optimize your character’s growth as time is limited. This game features multiple endings and a New Game+ feature to add replay value.

There is a special 40% discount promotion until November 14 at $17.99/£13.79 (normally $29.99/£22.99) here. A deluxe pack which contains digital artbooks, novels, wallpapers, and an original soundtrack can be purchased as DLC for $9.99/£6.99 here, or otherwise you can buy the deluxe bundle which contains the game and the DLC for $25.18/£18.70 (full price at $39.98/£29.98).


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