Dead End Junction Review

Title Screen

Today we have a review on Culture Select’s latest release by 773, Dead End Junction!

In an alternate version of the Wild West, Jo spends her days in endless boredom and constantly dreams of life with action and excitement. Her opportunity comes when she receives a letter from the President which was addressed to her lost father, and she decides to set off on an adventure but it’s nothing like she imagined it to be…

Dead End Junction features writing from hidume (Cherry Tree High series) and character art by suzuno, nike and tomo. You can select any one out of the four chapters to play at any time, although I went through it chronologically. Each chapter introduces new characters to the cast, and there were bonus appearances from 773’s previous games such as Enfant Terrible and Cherry Tree High Comedy Club.

Tracy and Fanny

The story itself was gripping and hard to put down, especially during the high tension action scenes. I enjoyed the daily interactions between the characters (especially Jo and Bizkit’s banter), and also seeing the main characters grow as they learn more about the world.

There’s a unique ‘manga-style’ as you can see throughout the game, along with beautiful CG which can be unlocked and later revisited in the Gallery.


Overall I really enjoyed Dead End Junction because of the characters and the story. The only criticisms I have is that loading the game doesn’t always start from exactly where you left off, and the game crashed a few times when in full-screen mode. Since the game left off on a cliffhanger, I am definitely looking forward to a sequel.

The game is available on Steam for $8.99/£5.99.


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