VN News Roundup #6


There have been quite a few releases after a quiet month, starting with MangaGamer’s sci-fi doujin Himawari -The Sunflower- by Frontwing! Youichi and his friend Ginga spend their days in the Space Club building a rocket, when one day they stumble upon a girl named Aries who had crash-landed close-by.

Sekai Project released the 3rd episode of Spicy Tails’ World End Economica trilogy. The series is set in the distant future where mankind has conquered and emigrated to the moon. It follows Yoshiharu “Haru” Kawaura’s ups and downs with stock markets and investments while dealing with ludicrous amounts of money. It’s been eight years since Episode 1, but will his dream of exploring the unexplored world be finally realised?

Frontwing’s Sharin no Kuni Kickstarter ended with $188,176 which is over 235% of the $80,000 goal! They managed to hit the stretch goals for a Vita port and the bonus fandisc chapters.

Last but not least, the Dies Irae Kickstarter campaign has started! The Kickstarter is looking to raise $160,000 for the Amantes amentes version which includes HD assets, reworked artwork and extra content. There are also plans for stretch goals such as a PS Vita port and an artbook.


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