Chuusotsu – 1st Graduation: Time After Time Kickstarter


Fruitbat Factory have launched a Kickstarter to localise Studio Beast’s (creators of J.Q.V Jinrui Kyuusai-bu ~With Love from Isotope~) all-ages visual novel, Chuusotsu – 1st Graduation: Time After Time. Originally released in Japan in August 2016, Chuusotsu – 1st Graduation is the first chapter of the Chuusotsu series but can be played as a standalone game.

Due to a long-lasting illness, manga lover Marisugawa Arue finds herself living as a ‘chuusotsu’ (a person with no education beyond middle school). To reach her goal in life, she’s forced to live with two other female chuusotsu. This story centers around the three girls as they try to win their place in society.

Fruitbat Factory are looking to raise $20,000 in order to localise Chuusotsu, with stretch goals for new event CGs. Backers of the Kickstarter can get the game for a lower than retail price and exclusive goods such as stick posters, dakimakura and shikishi.


Chuusotsu – 1st Graduation is scheduled to be released in late 2017. The Steam version will include Steam achievements, trading cards, and Cloud support.


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