Interview with Sakaguchi at Fanime 2016

We had the wonderful opportunity to interview voice actor Daisuke Sakaguchi at Fanime 2016!

First we like to ask about your roots: what inspired you to do voice acting?

I really wanted to participate in Gundam.

What are some modern work trends you like? Any older methods you miss?

More opportunities, being able to come to the United States. Nowadays there’s singing, doing radio, etc.

Favorite character that you played? Or one that resonates well with you?

None that can come to mind after doing a large assortment of characters. Doing Üso Ewin in Gundam comes to mind.

Most difficult role?

Voicing in a Gundam series was by far the most difficult since it was also my debut.

You’re most known for voicing Shinpachi in Gintama. What was it like working with Tomokazu Sugita?

He’s kind of a strange guy. He’s a good guy. He’s truly focused in his work and professional.

What is your favorite past time outside of voice acting work?

I love doing sports and outdoor activities.

Favorite food or music?


Impressions of America?

Love it. San Jose seems to be an enjoyable place to live in and is clean. The scenery is good. The steak dinner was delicious.

We noticed you had a level 3 dinosaur certificate exam from Animal Planet Japan, we would love to hear more about that.

Not that hard to obtain actually. Even kids have it. Just something fun.

Do you own any pets?

I own a cat and a lizard.

Message to the fans of the characters: take action when situation calls for it.

Sakaguchi also said to look forward to his next works.

We thank Daisuke Sakaguchi for the interview and look forward to seeing him again in future visits.


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