Lionheart Released!


Shiisanmei’s fantasy RPG, Lionheart, has been released on Steam by Fruitbat Factory! Lionheart tells the travels of Leon Lionheart and his party as they explore the magical labyrinth ‘Libra Corridor’ and meet new allies. His father was once also an adventurer, who travelled alongside the former mercenary Orsin. With the nun Emma and Justicar Maria Sinkirk who later joins their party, what will they find in the dungeon?

Lionheart is voiced in Japanese with 50-100 hours of gameplay. With over 10 playable characters, more than 100 monster types, and three difficulty options (Casual, Normal and Heroic), it’s suitable for players of all levels!

Lionheart is available now on Steam for $14.99/£11.24 with a launch discount of 25% from £14.99/$19.99 until 8th Aug.


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