Konoha & Touko

I’m nekotea, the primary blogger at nekoshiritori. I study Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence. I’ve joined a Japanese Club and founded the Manga Drawing Club in my secondary school, and I am a co-president for the Manga Illustration Society in university.

I’ve been watching anime from a young age- the usual series such as Pokemon and Digimon, and Cartoon Network broadcasted Tenchi Muyo! and DragonBall Z. I first discovered manga at the age of 12 with Tokyo Mew Mew. I moved onto the .hack series (and I still love it). I started playing VNs from the age of 16 with narcissu. My first eroge was Hinatabokko. I enjoy a good utsuge, you can say that I’m slightly masochist for doing so.

In my spare time I like to doodle/ draw fanart and OCs. I use Letraset Promarkers and Faber-Castell Artist Pens, with a hint of GIMP editing.

Outside of my otaku hobbies, I also enjoy reading novels. My favourite author is Cecilia Ahern– her books are slightly magical and heartwarming. Other authors I like are Jacqueline Wilson (a childhood favourite) and Jodi Picoult (she challenges stereotypes and her books has interesting legal debates).

Photography is also a hobby of mine- although I only have a basic digital camera, I enjoy taking photos of places I’ve visited.

You can contact me on here by commenting, or on Twitter (I’m fairly active on there).

Greetings everyone, Amoirsp here. I’m the secondary blogger at nekoshiritori, working with nekonekotea as a joint blogger. While my work specialty is towards the accounting and finance aspect, as far as hobbies go the more niche the item is the more I likely prefer it.

Two things I generally like to do are mash unconventional things together, as well as pointing out merits on something that was otherwise overlooked.

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