Interview with Sakaguchi at Fanime 2016

We had the wonderful opportunity to interview voice actor Daisuke Sakaguchi at Fanime 2016!

First we like to ask about your roots: what inspired you to do voice acting?

I really wanted to participate in Gundam.

What are some modern work trends you like? Any older methods you miss?

More opportunities, being able to come to the United States. Nowadays there’s singing, doing radio, etc.

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Trillion: God of Destruction is now on Steam!


Trillion: God of Destruction has been released on STEAM by Idea Factory International! Originally launched on the Playstation Vita earlier in Spring 2016, PC users can now venture into the game!

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Silicon Valley Comic Convention 2016


Welcome to Neko’s Shiritori coverage of Silicon Valley Comic Con! Wow did SVCC start off with a bang in its debut! Just upon arrival anyone could see that parking was challenging as nearly every conceivable parking slot was occupied by attendees, industry, staff, and guests alike! It was packed with a total of 60,000 attendees!

Our major focus of the convention was to observe the overall ambience as well as cover various booths that are excited about upcoming projects. Silicon Valley definitely managed its numbers well by having staff at every entrance, as well as a wristband system that tracked every entry and exit.

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Animation on Display 2016

Gaming Room

Welcome to Neko’s Shiritori! This year Animation on Display (AOD) had moved to a new venue at the Santa Clara Convention Center. The general atmosphere was relaxed, much similar to 2015. AOD fully utilized the two floors of the convention center to distinguish the panels and autographs on the second floor from the exhibit hall and game room on the first.

The gaming room has a wide variety of games on various platforms. There we encountered speedrunning; an AOD featured segment where we had speedrunner Dolfinh running older games for the SEGA Genesis, such as Ecco the Dolphin 1 and 2. One key thing to note was how drastically different the gameplay was relative to the games we see today.

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Megadimension Neptunia VII Release


For Neptunia’s PS4 debut and the first of many games by Idea Factory International in 2016, Megadimension Neptunia VII is out for those in the US! The game is available both retail and digitally.

As a bonus, day 1 DLC is available for free: original Japanese voiceovers, Histy’s Item Trial Set, and Histy’s Item Beginner Set. Nightwear Pack will be available at $2.75. New DLC will be released weekly, look forward to subsequent content for this game!

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Idea Factory International 2nd Press Event

We at Neko’s Shiritori were honored to be invited to the Idea Factory International 2nd event in downtown San Francisco! The location of the event was at the basement of Rickhouse, a 21+ bar. It was pretty amusing to see a Neptunia banner on a stand next to a bouncer after passing through a narrow sea of customers.

At 6:30 PM the doors to the basement opened and we had the honor of meeting the IFI team of David, Ari, and Nao! After descending the staircase, we were then greeted with another banner from Trillion. Refreshments came in the form of Neptunia titled drinks of each CPU with other combinations available with the bartender. Stations for both the Vita and PS4 were hooked up at a gaming corner for people to try out.


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Sakura Swim Club Review

Mieko Backstroke

Greetings from Neko’s Shiritori. Today we present a review of the game Sakura Swim Club by Winged Cloud.

The protagonist is Kaede, a boy with a prestigious father who is both charismatic and talented. He had been struggling in school with his parental success weighing him down. He also lacks particular interest in anything knowing full well that he is just letting the days drag. His teacher suggests to try out a club, but hesitates when he mentioned swimming since it has an infamous reputation among the students. Naturally this ends up peaking Kaede’s interest more. Kaede runs into Mieko and Hiromi who ask him to join the school’s swimming club. It is then that he realizes the bad rumours of the club aren’t fact, so Kaede joins the club and slowly learns more about the two girls and their situations.

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