SacAnime Winter 2016


SacAnime Winter 2016 was the con that propelled us into the start of 2016 with attendees eager to dance, sing, cheer, discover rare treasures in the dealer hall, and most importantly cosplayers! The force is strong in this community at least because the 501 Legion was around, and we had a slew of big name guests such as Chris Sarandon, Ken Page, Crispin Freeman, and Todd Haberkorn just to name a few.

If you are a Borderlands fan then this SacAnime was for you as fans flocked all over to have a chance to meet some of most popular voice actors for Borderlands. Ashly Burch was one of the most popular to appear as she voiced Tiny Tina from Borderlands 2, along with Dameon Clarke, David Eddings, Adam May, and Cherami Leigh.

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Fanime 2015 – Keoicorp’s Side


I wasn’t sure what to expect at Fanime 2015 like any other convention, except I know that Fanime always has lots of interesting panels, excitement, laughter and amazing cosplay, making it one of the best anime communities there ever was! Seriously year after year I meet the most amazing people, it was one convention I never have regret going to.

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Fanime Post Convention – Keoicorp’s Side


Friday: The first official day seemed to have a slower start but hey its only the first day. The first amazing thing I noticed was there was no line for badge pickup whatsoever which to me gives Fanime a HUGE plus in my books. First thing I did was immediately taking pictures, already there were cosplay meet ups and one free-for-all gathering. Since the first day wasn’t too crowded I transitioned between hanging out in the game room, the dealers hall, and the artist alley for the remaining daylight. As soon as night hit though it was different, it calmed down considerably. Everyone was either just hanging out or just relaxing a bit since they knew either the rave or the next day will tire them out. I attempted the rave but left shortly after for the hentai room. Yes you heard me I went into the hentai room but it isn’t what you think….it wasn’t shady business going inside but the massive amounts of laughter and jokes from every direction. As I took the shuttle back to my hotel I had nice conversations with people around me.


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