SeaBed Review

Zetsuna’s back, this time with SeaBed! Thanks to Fruitbat Factory for their hard work localizing this title!

A one-off kinetic novel project from doujin circle Paleontology Soft, SeaBed is the tale of childhood friends turned lovers, Mizuno Sachiko and Takako, who have now been separated by some strange circumstance that neither can recall. Enter Narasaki Hibiki, the friendly neighborhood psychiatrist (and also another childhood friend of Sachiko’s) who takes it upon herself to bring some clarity to the situation. Together but also separately, all three go about their daily lives in the heyday of the late 1980s as they inch closer to finding out just what happened.

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Neko Navy Review

Zetsuna’s back, this time with Neko Navy! Development was done by DeathMofuMofu and crew, and Fruitbat Factory took care of the English release.

It’s a band of flying cats versus “soothing enemies,” ranging from planes to pills to sausage ropes and all sorts of things to shoot and blow up. There’s three difficulty levels – Easy, Hard, and DEATH – so pick the one suited to your bullet hell game ability and proceed to let the fur fly.

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Miniature Garden Review

CONTENT WARNING: This visual novel contains blood splatter and descriptions of suicide/murder.

Zetsuna’s back, this time with Miniature Garden! Development was from Muzintou and released in Japanese back in 2015 (under the original title of 箱庭の学園 or Hakoniwa no Gakuen) and Fruitbat Factory picked the title up for localization.

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Visual;Conference 2017 Aftermath



Zetsuna here, this time covering an online conference for visual novel (time to drink) developers by VN developers. It’s not only the seasoned pros though, but rather including and welcoming amateur and pro alike in a gathering of enthusiasts, in a mission to learn from each other.

So here I am, writing an aftermath article on one doozy of a conference hosted on the morning of Saturday January 14. Talks from experts ranged from business/project management, creative (artist, writer, and composer), and programmer perspectives.

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NEKOPARA vol. 0 Review

I’m back with another NEKOPARA release – this time, Volume 0! It’s now available for purchase on Steam for 2.99 USD.

Vol. 0 covers what a typical day (divided into hourly segments) in the traditional Minaduki family estate is like prior to the events of Vol. 1. Shigure and all of the neko cast are front and center for normal antics, which consist of neko training, meal preparation, household cleanup, walks out on the town, and so on. The novel takes a little more than an hour to read on the auto setting.

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Machina of the Planet Tree -Planet Ruler- Review

Machina of the Planet Tree -Planet Ruler- is an RPG Maker game created by doujin circle Denneko Yugi. Currently it is sold for 12.99 USD via Steam.

Our main character, Cram Lelouch Lanvelouche, is a genius machinarian tasked with excavating “Attributes,” or relics from the Old World that was annihilated 1000 years prior. By his side is his giant robot fist and resident AI, Chronos. Cram eventually teams up with two other women as well, Retla Stoltein the mysterious (cat-themed!) mercenary and Estiole “Esty” Esthanathelle the Verdant Priestess (and a pointy-eared gynoid, too) to find out the truth behind the legendary attribute “Machina” as well as the dastardly plans someone in the current era has regarding it.

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