Lionheart Released!


Shiisanmei’s fantasy RPG, Lionheart, has been released on Steam by Fruitbat Factory! Lionheart tells the travels of Leon Lionheart and his party as they explore the magical labyrinth ‘Libra Corridor’ and meet new allies. His father was once also an adventurer, who travelled alongside the former mercenary Orsin. With the nun Emma and Justicar Maria Sinkirk who later joins their party, what will they find in the dungeon?

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Recent Sekai Project Releases

Japanese School Life

Japanese School Life has been released on Steam by Sekai Project and code:jp! This is their first original IP where you play as Brian, a foreign exchange student in Japan. He gets along with two girls (Chiyoko and Arisa) in his class and spends the seasons with them, with many events to go to such as Comiket and the summer festivals.

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AL・FINE Steam Release


AL・FINE is a game developed by CrimsonRabbit and published by Sekai Project which has been released on Steam! The player can play as Louis, tasked with running an item shop in a world of humans, sprites and kindred.

The goal is to become the number one merchant in the town of Notte Luce, but it’s easier said than done! There are variables which will affect the number of people visiting the store such as time and weather, and some items are only available through exploring dungeons.

The game is now on Steam for $14.99/£10.99.

Moekuri Kickstarter Launched!


The crowdfunding campaign for the SRPG Moekuri is up on Kickstarter thanks to Culture Select. Moekuri is a doujin game created by MokyuSoft which features the heroine Iruse Strenz, one of many Masters with the ability to summon and harness various Creatures’ abilities. After the mysterious disappearance of her mother, she has been protecting her village until one day when a strange phenomenon happens which threatens what she holds dear.

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1bitHeart Review

Title Screen

As well as visual novels I also enjoy playing RPGs which is why I will be writing up my thoughts on miwashiba’s (creator of Alice mare and LiEat) 1bitHeart.

1bitHeart is a game made in Wolf RPG Editor and is divided into four chapters, all of them centered around a shut-in named Nanashi who discovers a girl Misane sleeping on top of his bed. He finds out that Misane has amnesia and they go outside in order to help her regain her memories and help him make friends.

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