Interview with Sakaguchi at Fanime 2016

We had the wonderful opportunity to interview voice actor Daisuke Sakaguchi at Fanime 2016!

First we like to ask about your roots: what inspired you to do voice acting?

I really wanted to participate in Gundam.

What are some modern work trends you like? Any older methods you miss?

More opportunities, being able to come to the United States. Nowadays there’s singing, doing radio, etc.

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Interview with Peter Shillito at Hyper Japan 2016

Could you introduce yourself to those who don’t know you?

I’m Peter Shillito, the host of the anime music radio show Neko Desu on on 107.9FM. It covers Crewe and Nantwich but people generally listen online anyway, so it sort of covers everywhere else.

How long have you been running Neko Desu and how did it start?

I started it in roughly college time which would be in 2008. I was part of an anime fan-club, we’d meet up once a month and watch anime in a church hall. We got the idea of promoting it on the then temporary FM station The Cat, it was only on for a month at the time (they didn’t have the full FM license back then). Me and someone else went on and talked about the club, and I asked whether we could play a song on the air. They played Bouken Desho Desho by Hirano Aya from Haruhi Suzumiya, technically that was the first anime song they aired.

On the way out I asked if they had any presenter positions or ‘how do I be a presenter’; they said ‘just send us an email’ and then I got a show. I started off with just one hour on a Thursday night which moved to Friday night, and to Saturday night and then it got extended from 10-11pm to 9-11pm, got that extra hour so here we are.

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Behind the Scenes Interview with Sekai Project

Sekai Project is a small company which hopes to bring more exposure to doujin creators around the world. Their projects include Moe Headphones Guide [Lunatic Joker], narcissu [stage-nana], Sakura Spirit [Winged Cloud] and more recently, the Grisaia trilogy [Frontwing]. We took the opportunity to interview them about their work.

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