VN News Roundup #7


Welcome to another volume of VN News Roundup, this time we have a series of new releases as well as licenses!

Starting with releases, we have D.C. III R by Circus (Da Capo series), Seinarukana from Xuse (sequel to Aselia the Eternal), Sakura Agent by Winged Cloud, Love Ribbon from Razzart Visual as well as the finale of Frontwing’s Corona Blossom trilogy. Corpse Party: Blood Drive has received a mobile port for iOS and Android.

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VN News Roundup #6


There have been quite a few releases after a quiet month, starting with MangaGamer’s sci-fi doujin Himawari -The Sunflower- by Frontwing! Youichi and his friend Ginga spend their days in the Space Club building a rocket, when one day they stumble upon a girl named Aries who had crash-landed close-by.

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VN News Roundup #5

Love Language

Alienworks has posted the cover for The Human Reignition Project. Physical copies of Muv-Luv will be DRM free, and the Kickstarter’s second stretch goal for ports to Android and Vita has been reached. A digital Vita tier has also been added.

Alice in Dissonance’s Patreon has reached $2,000 per month and they will create a bilingual version of their website. They have also released volume 1 of the fault series’ original soundtrack on Steam which is available for free for those who backed $50+ on their Kickstarter. Winged Cloud has posted another fanart of fault by Wanaca.

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VN News Roundup #4

Libra of the Vampire Princess

In this week’s VN news roundup, the Muv-Luv Kickstarter by Degica was fully funded in just over 6 hours after launch and has hit their first stretch goal. However, the games Extra + Unlimited and Alternative still has yet to be Greenlighted on Steam.

MangaGamer has released their highly anticipated yuri VN A Kiss For The Petals – Remembering How We Met. It is on sale for on their website and on Steam, purchasing a digital copy of the game will provide a Steam key as well. Go Go Nippon 2015 is now available for preorder from the MangaGamer site, you can buy purchase the bundle or the DLC separately. Supipara Chapter 1 is also fully translated, and Kara no Shojo – The Second Chapter’s website has been updated with more character profiles.

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VN News Roundup #3

Witch boy Magical piece

The Tokyo Game Show (TGS) took place last week, which also means more announcements and news! Announced during TGS was the BL visual novel Witch boy Magical piece Kickstarter which was developed by Rosemary House and localised by Sekai Project as we reported before. The Kickstarter is for a PC port of the mobile game. It’s also currently on Steam Greenlight. Winged Cloud’s latest instalment of the Sakura series, Sakura Beach 2 is also on Greenlight. Degica’s Muv-Luv Kickstarter is scheduled to start on 24th September at 12pm PDT. You can view the Prefundia which outlines the plans here.

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VN News Roundup #1

fault milestone two above

Welcome to another issue of VN News Roundup at Neko’s Shiritori! This week has been busy with fault milestone two side:above released on Steam (currently 25% off, comes with a digital shikishi) and Sakura Angels getting Japanese voices and translation (also on sale at 50% off). Sekai Project has published another monthly wrap-up which includes news of releases and the announcement that they have licensed Desunoya’s latest game, Reverse x Reverse, a puzzle platformer.

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