Interview with Gen Urobuchi at JX 2014

Gen Urobuchi

At Japan Expo, we are very honored to interview Gen Urobuchi and also be graced with the presence of Nitro+ president Takaki Kosaka. Let’s begin.

Translated by Emmanuel Bochew.

How has your trip to the US so far this summer?

It is the first time I have been to San Francisco. It is a very beautiful city. On the first day of our visit we went to the Golden Gate Bridge. Seeing the bay view was really pleasant.

Every time I am watching movies in Japan, the city and the bridge always seem to get destroyed. I didn’t know the city was so beautiful in person.

The bridge might not be around next time I visit so I’m glad I got to see it.

How you think about your work being very popular in the west?

Some of my work has been set in America, so I am very pleased and honored that my work is loved here.

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